Field Service Welder


Performs repairs to equipment at customer or company locations. Installs new equipment and component parts. Performs standard work assignments, without supervision, according to needs of the customer and company.



  1. Excellent interpersonal skills, and written and verbal communication skills
  2. Good working knowledge of computers, spreadsheets, word processing programs
  3. May be asked to maintain a valid Commercial Driver's License in compliance with Company and DOT regulations, and maintain legally required paperwork including DOT logs
  4. Ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English
  5. Ability to operate a P.C. (Windows, Excel, Word)



  1. Performs welding and fabricating assignments using stick or wire, air arcs and cuts to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner
  2. Lifts metal, parts and equipment components that weigh no more than 50 pounds while performing welding assignments or while assisting mechanics in making repairs to equipment
  3. Operates machinery to move same to safe work areas or to access components / structural assemblies to be repaired
  4. Operates material handling equipment as required
  5. Reads and comprehends blueprints, technical data/service manuals and writes legible service reports
  6. Develops and produces special tooling and equipment as needed including design, ordering material and fabrication
  7. Keeps weld equipment clean and properly adjusted, work area clean and orderly; follows all work safety rules and procedures
  8. Ensures accuracy of work orders by charging parts and labor to proper work order segments
  9. Performs other duties as directed including assisting mechanics in performing repairs or other mechanical work
  10. May be required to stay overnight near jobsite and be available to provide service to customers on a 24 hour seven day a week basis
  11. Evaluate machine component / structural problems.  Confer with customer and/or supervisor or make independent on the job decisions when necessary
  12. Writes service reports at jobsite and has signed by customer; keeps accurate time on job and turns in cards in a timely manner
  13. Project a positive image by interacting with fellow employees, customers, and management in a cooperative, supportive, and courteous manner; display a professional attitude; comply with company dress code
  14. Perform other duties as necessary and assigned