Rental Support Specialist


POSITION: Rental Support Specialist


SUMMARY Provide oversight for day-to-day PSD Rental operations while performing all related tasks and processes to maximize the financial performance of the fleet.  Schedules/coordinates/monitors rental equipment repairs and maintenance.  Evaluate/ monitor fleet maintenance expense.



  1. High school diploma or equivalent
  2. Excellent computer skills. Effective use of general software products
  3. Possess good mechanical and electrical aptitude...or demonstrated ability to learn
  4. Familiarity with power generation products and their application preferred
  5. Well organized with good interpersonal and communication skills
  6. Occasional odd hours and overnight travel
  7. Works with customers to properly size/apply rental gensets, air compressors and related equipment.  Quotes rates, secures rental transactions, processes rental agreements.
  8. Manage incoming/outgoing shipments to ensure accurate and timely processing of documentation and procedure.
  9. Works with Whayne PSSEs & PSPRs to coordinate interdepartmental and customer rental needs.
  10. Arranges equipment shipping/transportation for rental deals, processes all related documents.
  11. Invoices rental transactions to customers, processes payments to shippers.  Invoices Sale of Rent/Used projects.
  12. Monitors/schedules rental equipment maintenance events, coordinates maintenance service with all branch service departments.
  13. Coordinates rental equipment repairs (field & shop) with all branch service departments.  Initiates maintenance/repair work orders, monitors and approves expense at work order closing.  Works with the service departments to resolve incorrect or excessive work order charges.
  14. Provides “help desk” services for customers (internal & external) regarding equipment usage/function/troubleshooting, shipping and logistics issues.
  15. Provides customer interaction backup for PSD Rental/Used Rep.
  16. Maintains central scheduling databases for rental equipment, insures availability of machines per commitments.
  17. Accommodates customer emergency needs during nonscheduled work day/hours.
  18. Receives new Rental and Used equipment into DBS.  Moves new inventory into rental account.
  19. Updates DBS with equipment additions/deletions rate information and other equipment-related information.
  20. Makes recommendations for fleet equipment and branch placement.
  21. Generates/provides monthly KPI reports to management.
  22. Reviews rental business and KPI data, makes recommendations for improvement and/or corrective actions to address areas of deficiency or poor performance