#1 Shop Welder


Position:         #1 Shop Welder


Performs all types of cutting and welding assignments including layout and fabricate from blueprints using stick, wire weld and air arc to repair heavy equipment or to fabricate, remove or install components on equipment. Duties performed without supervision require general mechanical ability and may assist in training new shop welders.

Essential Functions:

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent
  2. Knowledge of welding, cutting procedures, and sheet metal repair, normally obtained by 5 years welding experience
  3. Ability to pass welding certification test
  4. Ability to lift 70 pounds or more
  5. Good verbal and interpersonal skills
  6. Performs all types of welding assignments using appropriate welding equipment, air arcs and cutting of metal, without supervision, with finished work meeting a high level of quality
  7. Lifts metal, parts and equipment components that weigh a minimum of 70 pounds while performing welding assignments or while assisting mechanics in making repairs to equipment
  8. Operates construction machinery to move same in and out of shop service bays
  9. Operates material handling equipment as required
  10. Reads and comprehends blueprints, technical data/service manuals and writes legible service reports
  11. Performs welding and fabricating assignments using stick or wire, air arcs and cuts to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner
  12. Develops and produces special tooling and equipment as needed including design, ordering material and fabrication
  13. Keeps weld equipment clean and properly adjusted, work area clean and orderly; follows all work safety rules and procedures
  14. Owns, updates and maintains sufficient hand tools to perform the job
  15. Performs other duties as directed including assisting mechanics in performing repairs or other mechanical work
  16. Required to work overtime if needed
  17. May be required to possess a Commercial Driver’s License based on the specific department operational needs.



 Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

       This position has no supervisory responsibilities.


      Personal protective equipment and environment:

      Safety glasses and steel toe shoes.