Service Coordinator

Position: Service Coordinator
Provide direct support to one or more foreman/supervisor, under
limited supervision, the daily processing of service work orders to conform to SMCS
program requirements. Takes customer calls and dispatches Field Service Technicians.
Duties performed required considerable judgment with the ability to analyze and apply
established procedures to accomplish work assignment.
Essential Functions:
  1.  Processes all SMCS work orders in a timely manner to meet company standards.
  2.  Daily contact with Branches or customers to support information needs, regarding  repair completion, estimates and  actual charges.
  3.  Analyzes work orders for completeness and prepares work orders for supervisor's signature.
  4.  Processes all SMCS work orders ensuring that 2% or less need reprocessing.
  5.  Orders and returns parts, procures and enters job cards so that 5% or less need W/O reopened to adjust time or parts.
  6.  SMCS work orders are closed and approved with a paper life average of 12 days or less.
  7.  Opens field service work orders, maintains work order log, and enters field service time card information daily.
  8.  Orders and updates CAT service literature, shop supplies, microfiche and history folders.
  9.  Documentation and segmentation of work order with information from customer,
  10. supervisor, and computer files so as to achieve an 80% or better rating of checklist audit performed by GSO.
  11.  Complete assembly of work order upon completion of repairs to assure all major components are segmented and documented by the service reports with charges made to appropriate segments for 80% compliance of GSO checklist audit.
  12.  Ensures that work orders are supported by purchase orders, stock transfers and material entries to ensure 100% compliance with Corporate Procedure.
  13.  Perform miscellaneous duties as directed.
Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
Personal protective equipment and environment: